Friends and Alumni of Lookeba-Sickles Schools, Inc.

Ranel Hamilton Lasley

Delores Clay VanDeman

Carla Hamilton Taylor
LaQuita Ruckman Dixon

Denise Bailey Hart

Jan Cox Duncan
Shana Lierle
Jeleta Hart Sullivan
Diana Crain Watson

Ex-Officio Members
Mike Davis, L-S Superintendent of Schools

Established 2006
Mission: The mission of the Foundation is to provide a vehicle through which tax-deductible gifts can be made to provide scholarships for graduates, to provide financial support to selected projects of the School and to seek private support for the enhancement of the School. As a non-profit foundation, all contributions will be tax deductible and will go entirely toward the support of the School and scholarships. The Foundation will also provide the opportunity for alumni and friends to designate a portion of their estates to assure a bright future for the Lookeba-Sickles student of today and tomorrow.

Continuing the legacy...
"Providing excellent educational opportunities for Lookeba-Sickles School students."